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Authors by Lastname: Keyletter "F" - 83 authors

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1 Fagerberg, David W.
2 Fagiolo, Archbishop Vincenzo
3 Fahey, William Edmund
4 Fairbanks, Gregory J.
5 Falasca, Stefania
6 Falls, Thomas B.
7 Falque, Fr. Ferdinand C.
8 Farrell, Bishop Kevin J
9 Farrell, Fr. Walter (O.P.)
10 Fastiggi, Robert (Ph.D.)
11 Fathers
12 Faulkner, Archbishop Leonard
13 Fay, Rachel
14 Fazzini, Lorenzo
15 Feasey, Dom H. Philibert (O.S.B.)
16 Feaster, Margaret A.
17 Feaster, Anne
18 Federer, William
19 Fedoryka, Damian (Ph D.)
20 Fehlner, Fr. Peter Damien (FI)
21 Fellay, Bishop Bernard
22 Fenton, Joseph Clifford
23 Ferigle, Rev. S. M.
24 Ferreira, Cornelia R.
25 Feser, Edward
26 Fessio, Fr. Joseph (S.J.)
27 Fidelis of Sigmaringen
28 Fides Dossier
29 Fier, Don
30 Filibeck, Dr. Giorgio
31 Fin, Fr. Robert G.
32 Finazzo, Giancarlo
33 Finn, Bishop Robert W.
34 Finnis, John
35 Fiorenza, Bishop Joseph
36 Fiori, Angelo
37 First Provincial Council of Baltimore
38 Fisher, Bishop Anthony
39 Fisichella, Archbishop Rino
40 Fitzgerald, Archbishop Michael
41 Fitzgibbons, Richard (M.D.)
42 Fitzpatrick, James K.
43 Fitzpatrick, Sean
44 Flach, Michael F.
45 Flannery, Fr. Kevin (S.J., D.Phil.)
46 Flavin, Bishop Glennon P.
47 Fleming, Dr. John I. (BA, ThL (Hons), PhD.)
48 Flippen, Douglas
49 Florovsky, Archpriest Georges
50 Flynn, Archbishop Harry
51 Flynn, Fr. John
52 Foley, Michael P.
53 Foley, Daniel J.
54 Foley, Fr. Richard (S.J.)
55 Foley, Bishop David
56 Foley, Donal Anthony
57 Follo, Msgr. Francesco
58 Folsom, Rev. Cassian (OSB)
59 Fontana, Maurizio
60 Forrest, Michael
61 Fortino, Mons. Eleuterio F.
62 Fortunatus, St. Venantius
63 Foss, Elizabeth
64 Foster, Serrin M.
65 Fournier, Rev. Mr. Keith
66 Fowler, Thomas B.
67 Fowler, Brock
68 Fox, Fr. Robert J.
69 Fox, Fr. Martin
70 Foy, Msgr. Vincent N.
71 Francis, Babette
72 Francis
73 Francis of Assisi
74 Franz, Angela
75 Franz, Wanda (Ph.D.)
76 Frechette, Rev. Thomas A.
77 Freeland, John
78 Frenaud, Dom Georges
79 Fritz, Jim
80 Fulgentius of Ruspe
81 Funghini, Mons. Raffaello
82 Funk, Fr. Peter (O.S.B.)
83 Furfey, Rev. Paul H. (Ph.D)


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