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1 Eady, Robert
2 Ebeling, Kay
3 Eberstadt, Mary
4 Echevarria, Bishop Javier
5 Ecumenical Coalition of Women and Society
6 Edart, Fr. Jean-Baptiste
7 Ederer, Rupert J. (Ph.D.)
8 Edwards, William D. (MD)
9 Egan, Rev. Daniel (S.A.)
10 Egan, Cardinal Edward
11 Egan, Bishop Phillip
12 Egger, Bishop Wilhelm (O.F.M., Cap..)
13 Elbert, John A. (S.M.)
14 Elder, Larry
15 Elliot, Bishop Peter J.
16 Elliot, David
17 Emily, Sr. Mary (S.C.N.)
18 Engel, Randy
19 England, Bishop John
20 Enouen, Susan W. (P.E. )
21 Enzler, Clarence and Kathleen
22 Ephrem
23 Erdo, Archbishop Peter
24 Erlandson, Corine B.
25 Esolen, Anthony
26 Espelage, Arthur J.
27 Esper, Joseph M.
28 Esposito, Joseph
29 Esser, William L. (IV)
30 Estevez, Cardinal Jorge Arturo Medina
31 Etchegaray, Cardinal Roger
32 European Catholic-Orthodox Forum
33 European Congress of Pro-Life Movements
34 Euteneuer, Rev. Thomas J.
35 Evangelicals and Catholics Together
36 Everett, Lawrence P. (C.Ss.R., S.T.D.)
37 Evert, Jason
38 Eymard, St. Peter Julian
39 Ezekiel


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