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Authors by Lastname: Keyletter "D" - 105 authors

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1 D’Arcy, Bishop John M.
2 Da Riese, Fernando Da Riese
3 D'Agostino, Joseph A.
4 D'Agostino, Joseph A.
5 D'Agostino, Francesco
6 Dahlby, Rev. Charles
7 Dahlmann, Colleen
8 Daily, Bishop Thomas V.
9 Daintree, Dr. David
10 Dalin, Rabbi David
11 Dalla Torre, Prof. Giuseppe
12 Dallaire, Glenn
13 Daly, Cardinal Cahal B.
14 Daly, Anne Carson
15 Daly, Carson
16 D'Ambrosio, Marcellino (Ph.D.)
17 Damian, St. Peter
18 Danaher , Br. Timothy (O.P.)
19 Daniel, Michael
20 Danielou, Cardinal Jean (S.J.)
21 Daniel-Rops, Henri
22 Danneels, Cardinal Godfried
23 Dawson, Christopher
24 de Aviz, Cardinal João Braz
25 de Blacam, Hugh
26 De Celles, Fr. John
27 de la Potterie, Ignace (S.J.)
28 de Launay, Herbert C.
29 De Marco, Angelus A. (O.F.M.)
30 de Mata, Luca
31 De Montfort, St. Louis
32 De Rosa, Giuseppe (S.I.)
33 De Solenni, Pia
34 de Valk, Fr. Alphonse (C.S.B.)
35 Deavel, David Paul
36 DeBruin, Danny
37 DeCelles, Dan
38 Deibel, David L.
39 DeJak, John M.
40 Delcuve, Fr. Georges (S.J.)
41 Delegation of the Holy See
42 D'Elia, Donald J.
43 DeMarco, Donald (PhD)
44 Dembski, William A.
45 Dennerly, Simon
46 Dermine, Francois-Marie (O.P.)
47 Desmond, Joan Frawley
48 Destombes, Bishop Emile
49 DeTurris, Mary
50 DeVille, Adam
51 Devine, Bishop Joseph
52 Dhavamony, Fr. Mariasusai (S.J.)
53 Di Noia, J. Augustine (O.P.)
54 Di Noia, Archbishop J. Augustine (O.P.)
55 Dial , Karla
56 Diamond, Sheila
57 Dias, Cardinal Ivan
58 Dicharry, Warren (C.M.)
59 Dietz, Sarah Marie
60 DiLorenzo, Most Rev. Francis X.
61 Dimock, Fr. Giles (O.P.)
62 DiNardo, Cardinal Daniel
63 Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown
64 Diocese of Baton Rouge
65 Diocese of La Crosse
66 Dion, Rev. Philip E. (C.M.)
67 Dobrowski, Peter P.
68 Doeme, Bishop Oliver Dashe
69 Doerflinger, Richard
70 Doherty, Catherine
71 Doino, William (Jr.)
72 Dolan, Cardinal Timothy M.
73 Dolan, John M. (Ph.D.)
74 Dollen, Fr. Charles
75 Donaghy, William
76 Donaldson, Cari
77 Donlon, Eleanor Bourg
78 Donoghue, Archbishop John F.
79 Donovan, Colin B. (STL)
80 Doran, Bishop Thomas G.
81 Dougherty, Jude P.
82 Downer, Catherine
83 Doyle, C. J.
84 Drake, Raymond E.
85 Drake, Tim
86 Dreher, Rev. John D.
87 Drennan, Elizabeth Roney
88 Driscoll, Jeremy (O.S.B.)
89 Drogin, Mark
90 Dubay, Rev. Thomas
91 Dubruiel, Michael
92 Dudley, Owen Francis
93 Dudro, Vivian W.
94 Duffner, Fr. Paul A. (O.P.)
95 Duggan, Paul E.
96 Dulles, Cardinal Avery
97 Dunn, Rev. Brian (Ph.D./J.C.D.)
98 Dunn, Nicholas
99 Dunne, Bishop Edmund M. (D.D.)
100 Dunnigan, R. Michael (JD, JCL)
101 duplicate
102 Dupont, Ives
103 Dutch Bishops' Conference
104 Dvornik, Francis
105 Dziwisz, Bishop Stanislaw


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