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Authors by Lastname: Keyletter "C" - 218 authors

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1 Cacciavillan , Cardinal Agostino
2 Caffarra, Rev. Carlo
3 Caldecott, Stratford
4 Calderone, Adrian
5 Calkins, Msgr. Arthur B.
6 Call to Action
7 Calneggia, Frank
8 Calovich, Annie
9 Cameron, Fr. Peter John (O.P.)
10 Camilleri, Marijane
11 Camisasca, Mons. Massimo
12 Campbell, Colleen Carroll
13 Campbell, Fr. T. J. (S.J.)
14 Campbell, Dwight P.
15 Campbell, Bishop Colin
16 Campbell, C.A.
17 Campbell, Msgr. Paul E. (M.A., Litt.D., Ed.D.)
18 Campion, St. Edmund
19 Campion, Msgr. Owen F.
20 Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops
21 Canavan, Fr. Francis (S.J.)
22 Cantalamessa, Fr. Raniero (O.F.M.Cap.)
23 Capponi, Neri (D.Cn.L., LL.D.)
24 Carballo, Archbishop José Rodríguez (O.F.M.)
25 Carberry, Cardinal John J.
26 Cardiel, Antonio Bellella (C.M.F.)
27 Cardinal McCarrick, Theodore
28 Cardinals and leadership of the Bishops' Conference
29 Carey, Michael R. (O.P.)
30 Carey, Ann
31 Carlin, David R.
32 Carlson, Dr. Allan
33 Carlson, Most Rev. Robert James
34 Carney, Very Rev. Msgr. Francis W. (S.T.D.)
35 Carosa, Alberto
36 Carrera, Archbishop Norberto Rivera
37 Carroll, Bishop John
38 Carroll, Lucy E.
39 Carroll, Rev. Eamon R. (O. Carm., S.T.D.)
40 Carroll, Warren H.
41 Carroll, William E.
42 Carson, W. R.
43 Carson, Theresa
44 Carson, Jonathan
45 Carstens, Larry A.
46 Case, Thomas W.
47 Case, Andrew W.
48 Cassati, Archbishop Carmelo
49 Cassidy, James F.
50 Cassidy, Cardinal Edward
51 Catalonian-Balearic Society For Palliative Care
52 Catholic Biblical Association Board
53 Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales
54 Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines
55 Catholic Bishops of Australia
56 Catholic Bishops of Connecticut
57 Catholic Bishops of Germany
58 Catholic Bishops of Maryland
59 Catholic Bishops of Minnesota
60 Catholic Bishops of New Jersey
61 Catholic Bishops of New York State
62 Catholic Bishops of Nigeria
63 Catholic Bishops of Rwanda
64 Catholic Bishops of Ukraine
65 Catholic Church
66 Catholic Conference of Illinois
67 Catholic Culture Staff
68 Catholic Encyclopedia
69 Catholic Laity Congress
70 Catholic Leadership Conference
71 Catholic Medical Association
72 Catholic News Agency
73 Catholic News Service
74 Catholic Schools Partnership
75 Catholic Truth Society of Oregon
76 Catholic World News
77 Cavalli, Dimitri
78 Cavanaugh-O'Keefe, John
79 Celeste McGovern
80 Celli, Archbishop Claudio
81 Center for Adolescent and Family Spirituality
82 Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate
83 Central Committee for the Great Jubilee
84 Cepeda, Teresa
85 Ceplecha, Maria Stella
86 Ceroke, Christian P. (O. Carm.)
87 Ceruti-Cendrier, Marie-Christine
88 Cervellera, Fr. Bernardo
89 Cervera, Jesus Castellano
90 Cesar, Eusebio
91 Cessario, Romanus
92 Cetrulo, Robert C.
93 Cevetello, Joseph F. X.
94 Chaput, Archbishop Charles J. (O.F.M. Cap.)
95 Charles I
96 Check, Christopher
97 Check, Fr. Paul
98 Chervin, Ronda (Ph.D.)
99 Chesterton, G. K.
100 Chinese Government
101 Chiron, Yves
102 Christodoulos
103 Chrysologus, St. Peter
104 Chrysostom, St. John
105 Chrysostomos II
106 Chullikat, Archbishop Francis Assisi
107 Chullikat, Mons. Francis
108 Chyrowicz, Prof. Barbara
109 Ciappi, Cardinal Luigi
110 Cicognani, Cardinal Amleto Giovanni
111 Cipriani, Cardinal Juan Luis
112 Ciresi, Sal
113 Ciresi, Salvatore J.
114 Citrini, Tullio
115 Cizik, Fr. Ladis J.
116 Clarfield, Geoffrey
117 Clark, Anthony E.
118 Claudel, Paul
119 Cleaveland, Raymond
120 Clemens, Alphonse H. (Ph.D.)
121 Clement of Alexandria
122 Clement Of Rome
123 Clement V
124 Clement XIII
125 Clement XIV
126 Clinton, Farley
127 Clowes, Brian W. (Ph D)
128 Coakley, Archbishop Paul S.
129 Cobb, George H.
130 Cole, Basil (O.P.)
131 Collins, Cardinal Thomas Christopher
132 Collins, Toni
133 Collison, Joseph
134 Colliton, William F. (Jr., M.D.)
135 Commission Ecclesia Dei
136 Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews
137 Commission of the Bishops' Conferences of the European Community (COMECE)
138 Committee on Doctrine of the NCCB
139 Committee on Marriage and Family, NCCB
140 Concetti, Gino
141 Condic, Maureen L.
142 Confraternity of Catholic Clergy
143 Congregation for Bishops
144 Congregation for Catholic Education
145 Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments
146 Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and for Societies of Apostolic Life
147 Congregation for Religious
148 Congregation for the Causes of Saints
149 Congregation for the Clergy
150 Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
151 Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples or for the Propagation of the Faith
152 Conley, Bishop James D. (S.T.L.)
153 Conlon, Bishop R. Daniel
154 Connecticut Catholic Bishops
155 Connell, Fr. Francis J. (C.SS.R.)
156 Connell, Rev. Francis J. (C.SS.R.)
157 Conner, Laurene
158 Connolly, Rev. James L. (Ph.D.)
159 Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy of Second Vatican Council
160 Conti, Archbishop Mario
161 Contini, Lisa Marie
162 Conway, Bertrand L.
163 Coogan, John E. (S.J.)
164 Cook, Michael
165 Cook, Emily J.
166 Coon, Carla Marie
167 Coonley, Bishop James D.
168 Copp, Jay
169 Corapi, Rev. John A. (S.O.L.T., S.T.D.)
170 Corbett, John (O.P.)
171 Cordileone, Archbishop Salvatore J.
172 Cork, William J. (D.Min.)
173 Corrada, Bishop Alvaro (S.J.)
174 Correa, Prof. Juan de Dios Vial
175 Costello, Frederick A.
176 Costelloe, M. Joseph (S.J., Ph.D.)
177 Cottier, Fr. Georges (O.P.)
178 Coulombe, Charles A.
179 Coulter, Rev. Gary
180 Council of Basel
181 Council of Chalcedon
182 Council of Constance
183 Council of Constantinople
184 Council of Ephesus
185 Council of European Episcopal Conferences (CCEE)
186 Council of Lyons
187 Council of Nicaea
188 Council of Orange
189 Council of Toledo
190 Council of Trent
191 Couretas, John
192 Covolo, Fr. Enrico dal (S.D.B.)
193 Cowan, Steven B.
194 Coyle, John G. (M.D.)
195 Craig, Marion
196 Crane, Anita
197 Crashaw, Richard
198 Craughwell, Thomas J.
199 Craven, Ken
200 Crawford, David S.
201 Crepaldi, Archbishop Giampaolo
202 Crocker, H. W. (III)
203 Crosby, John F.
204 Crowe, Marian E.
205 Cruz, Fr. Marcón Rincón (O.F.M. )
206 Cuddeback, Dr. John (Ph.D.)
207 Cullen, Christopher M.
208 Cummings, Christopher
209 Cunningham, W. Patrick
210 Curley, Michael J. (C.SS.R.)
211 Curp, T. David
212 Curtin, David
213 Curtiss, Archbishop Elden Francis
214 Cushing, Cardinal Richard J. (D.D., LL.D.)
215 Cuthbert (O.S.F.C.)
216 Cyprian
217 Cyril of Alexandria
218 Cyril of Jerusalem


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