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In the Catholic liturgy, religion enters into a most intimate alliance with art, above all with music. ... in the Roman Catholic liturgy, the realization of the perennially Paschal Exsultent divina mysteria, the jubilant celebration of the divine mysteries in sacred music, in an artistic language which all men can understand because it knows no bounds. Such music has become in the wonderful expression of Cardinal Faulhaber, a fiery tongue of the Holy Ghost which speaks eloquently down through the ages, bringing to all men the good news of redemption and eternity, of love and security, of forgiveness and everlasting Paschal joys! (Excerpted from Musica Sacra: Sacred Art? by Fr. Robert Skeris.)

  • Corpus Christi Hymns

  • Verbum Supernum - The Word of God

  • Sacris Solemniis - At This Our Solemn Feast

  • Tantum Ergo - Down in Adoration Falling

  • Pange Lingua

  • Adoro Te Devote - Hidden God

  • What is Sacred Music?