"Mary's Immaculate Body was, in a sense, the origin of sanctification of all mankind. Her flesh was used to form the flesh of her Son; the flesh which he used on the Cross to destroy death and sin, and which he gave to us that we might rise from the dead. Was this flesh, Mary's flesh, Christ's flesh, the instrument of our redemption and resurrection, to be subject to the corruption of the grave?" — Rev. James M. Keane, O.S.M.

"The womb that bore Jesus Christ, the hands that caressed him, the arms that embraced him, the breasts that nourished him, the heart that so loved him — it is impossible to think that these crumbled into dust." — Father Canice, OFM Cap.

The Assumption of Our Lady

Mary's Death and Bodily Assumption

The Vatican Council on the Assumption of Our Lady

Her Assumption Befits the Mother of God