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Gerard David: The Rest on the Flight into Egypt, ca. 1510

David treated this subject in several different ways; this is Jeff Mirus’ favorite. This is the painting which hangs in Washington’s National Gallery of Art. Available as a print on poster paper or canvas, in a variety of sizes, ranging from $27.95 to $219. Other David interpretatons also available, up to $2,500. Shown: Poster, 42” x 63”.

Madonna with Child Jesus Statue (Mater Amabilis)

This small statue (about a foot tall) is beautifully rendered in polyresin with imitation gold leaf. It can be used indoors or in a protected area outside. In landscaping, of course, a larger statue would be preferable, and a search for "Mary Statue" will bring up many options from tiny to life-size. As shown.

Raphael Sanzio: Madonna with Child and John the Baptist, early 16th century

The brilliant Raphael died in 1520 at age 37. He loved painting the Madonna and Child, and did so in over thirty different ways. This and many other works by Raphael are available as posters or on canvas, printed or hand painted, framed or unframed, in various sizes. Prices range from $3 to nearly $3,000. Shown: 24” x 24” print on poster paper.

Rembrand van Rijn: The Return of the Prodigal Son, c. 1668

One of the most-loved depictions of the Prodigal Son around the world. Prints available on posters or canvas, in many sizes, framed or unframed, with prices ranging from $6 to $150. Shown: 18” x 12” x .75” canvas (hand-stretched on pine bars).

The Mysteries of the Rosary: An Adult Coloring Book

In a sense, this is "iconography light". These intricate images were drawn by artist Daniel Mitsui. For adults who enjoy coloring, they provide an opportunity for focused meditation and prayer as the colors are filled in. Includes three highly-detailed drawings to represent the Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious mysteries; a somewhat less-detailed drawing for each of these 15 mysteries; and other images of apostles and saints. The newer Luminous mysteries are not included. 64 pages, 8.3 x .3 x 10.7 inches.

The Way of Beauty: Liturgy, Education, and Inspiration for Family, School, and College (David Clayton)

Artist David Clayton "describes how a true Catholic education is both a program of liturgical catechesis and an inculturation that aims for the supernatural transformation of the person so that he can in turn transfigure the whole culture through the divine beauty of his daily action." Training in beauty is of profound importance for the Christian life and its recovery is a prerequisite for Christian renewal. This book is especially for artists and educators of all kinds.

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