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Blog of Brantly Millegan a "20-something who wants to follow Jesus, help others find him and and his Church, and make a positive difference in the world."

Brantly has an M.A. in Theology with a concentration in systematic and dogmatic theology from St Paul Seminary School of Divinity, St Paul, MN. His outreach is to evangelicals since both he and his wife are converts. He hopes that God can use their long involvement and deep connectedness to evangelicalism to be a force for true ecumenism between evangelicals and Catholics.

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First Evaluated: 08/27/2013

  1. Fidelity: Excellent
  2. Resources: Good
  3. Useability: Excellent


  • Over 110 blog posts on the differences and similarities between Catholics and evangelical Protestants and why he left the evangelical Protestantism in which he was raised for the Catholic Church  Resources 
  • Why We're Contraception-Free  Resources  Example(s)
  • "My Faith Story", which tells the story of how Brantly was convinced to join the Catholic Church during my senior year at Wheaton College after having been raised as an evangelical Protestant  Resources 
  • Link to his website which has a list of articles  Resources 


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